BTEC First Travel and Tourism Learning Grids (2013 Specification)

A brilliant method for supporting weaker students. Students have to read their textbook/notes to complete a grid of questions in exact specification order. Cross-referenced to the endorsed BTEC textbook and ZigZag Course Companions to ensure a structured reading of either text.

A godsend for those students who find learning difficult and motivates the less willing. Leads to active learning, identification of key points & the structuring of information.

  • Particularly supports ‘hands-on’ learners who need to write information to absorb it.
  • Case study factsheets for all required case studies.
  • Engaging diagrams break up text and engage visual learners.

What do teachers say about this resource? (5448)

This is a very extensive resource that would help enormously to assess the students abilities throughout the unit. With so much time given to administration, teaching time and meeting institutional requirements, preparation of materials can be time consuming. This resource would be a godsend in helping teachers prepare effective, enjoyable lessons. The resource helps to give the student clear that when they research they can focus on a particular area without getting side tracked. This resource helps towards independent research; something that educational institutions are striving towards as students progress through levels.

G. Darvell, Programme Manager & Peer Reviewer.