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Las aventuras de Mari Carmen: Listening Activities for GCSE Spanish

10 lively and engaging Spanish podcasts following the adventures of real-life FLA Mari Carmen as she gets to grips with life in the UK! Unique listening activities and relevant reading, writing and speaking extensions develop the essential skills needed at GCSE-level Spanish. Stimulating narrative brings Mari Carmen’s journey to life and provides unrivalled insight into Spanish culture.

  • 10 standalone chapters cover common GCSE topics
  • Each podcast is broken up into five manageable sections, with transcripts included in ‘blog’ format – perfect for differentiation!
  • Increasing speed of recordings builds students’ listening skills
  • Additional reading, writing and speaking tasks expand students’ skill set and challenge the most able
  • End-of-chapter AfL activities help your students evaluate their progress and identify their strengths
  • Includes full answers for easy marking
  • Cross-curricular links to literacy
  • Upload to VLE as homework
  • Use with FLA

¡Que comience la Aventura! Explorando Gales Fiestas y despedidas
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I think it really paints a picture of life in Britain for a foreigner, and so from that point of view, it has great cultural worth. The topics are well linked to the GCSE topics F Lynch, Spanish Teacher & Independent Reviewer