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Fables and Legends: Help with Reading in Year 7

Reading materials to help support those KS3 students who have a low reading age (Hi-lo: High interest, low reading age).

Six fables and six legends of up to 200 words, with illustrations, vocab list, and activity sheets for each one. All cross-referenced to current English KS3 AFs so students understand what they are being assessed on.

  1. The Fox and the Magpie
  2. The Tinker of Swaffham
  3. The Monkey and the Fishermen
  4. The Traveller and the Sack of Corn
  5. The Dog in the Manger
  6. The Treasure of Berry Pomeroy Castle
  1. The Lion and the Mouse
  2. The White Doe of Rylstone
  3. The Ant and the Grasshopper
  4. The Bishop and the Wild Boar
  5. The Woman and the Wolf
  6. The Ghost Ship of Tenby

Also includes answers and carefully chosen illustrations to reinforce learning and understanding.

One of the best [resources] I have reviewed. These are very accessible stories and they are very short making them easy to use in the classroom. S Mitchell, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer