Brecht: A Level Drama Topic on a Page

16 A3 summaries, each exploring an element of Brecht, his influence on theatre and his plays.

Each page includes commentary and practical activities to help students understand and consolidate their knowledge of the following:

  • Brecht’s life
  • Political Theatre
  • Epic Theatre
  • The Alienation Technique
  • Gestus
  • Mother Courage
  • The Caucasian Chalk Circle

What do teachers say about this resource? (5409)

This is a very well thought out resource, very useful for a teacher introducing A-Level students to this key figure in twentieth century theatre. I like the succinct, precise nature in which the key information was presented. There was a great bio with photographs at the start to create a contextual understanding of the man and the times. There was a very good explanation of key terms and epic theatre and good analysis and synopsis of two of his major plays. I also particularly like the linking of abstract ideas to well thought out practical activities which could provide a strong basis for pupils to think about, debate and discuss the key ideas, having now (after the activities) being informed by their own direct experiences of drama in the classroom... I would recommend this resource

K McLoughlin, Drama/English Teacher & Peer Reviewer