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Independent Speaking and Listening Practice for GCSE AQA French

A brilliant and innovative resource that can be used in many different ways. Accessible, easy to use and students can "recycle" the language and use it as a model to improve their speaking skills. J Ermina, French Teacher & Independent Reviewer

A unique resource for extensive practice for the tricky listening exam and the speaking controlled assessment: three audio CDs plus over 100 accompanying worksheets.

Recordings break down every AQA topic into manageable chunks. Students simply listen and respond to questions using the differentiated worksheets provided – increasing their bank of useful phrases, improving their pronunciation and honing their listening skills. Perfect preparation for all student abilities!

  • Questions in French and English by a native French speaker offer excellent pronunciation models
  • Example answers in French by a proficient English student provide a bank of phrases students can use in their own work
  • Grammar commentary by a French teacher puts grammar in context

Accompanying differentiated worksheets allow for two different uses:

  1. High-ability students listen to recordings, answer questions, repeat example answers and use the worksheet to check their understanding
  2. Weaker learners translate questions and answers into French, listen to check, answer questions and repeat example French answers

Recordings also provided in MP3 format – load onto school network so students can download to practise on the bus, at home – anywhere!

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