WJEC GCSE 2014 topic: TV Crime Drama & Magazines Teaching Pack

Detailed 28-lesson SoW designed specifically for the WJEC 2014 exam topic.

  • Detailed Lesson Plans, Handouts & Worksheets
  • Answers, Exemplars and PowerPoints Provided
  • ‘Info sheet’ handouts relate all the key concepts to TV Crime Drama & Magazines.
  • AfL tasks throughout for self and peer assessment

Structured lesson plans and all associated resources provided.

  • Exam-focused theory, analysis and stimulating activities throughout.
  • Regular analysis tasks and exemplars for Section A
  • Thorough practice of creative tasks for Section B

Contemporary texts thoroughly researched to ensure you cover every aspect of the topic!


The exam is at the centre of it and all work is relevant and yet interesting... Opportunities for peer assessment are well-directed and clear… each type of question is dealt with thoroughly... Enables pupils to know what the examiner is looking for and how to get the marks. The exploration of how meaning is created through construction and editing gives the kids an A* approach to textual analysis... The Web-Based Drama work is excellent… every conceivable relevant theory is there to give them the edge in the exam... As an educational resource I wouldn't want to be without it!

I could hand it to an NQT and be sure they were following the curriculum to the letter. As a classroom teacher, it would give me everything I need to teach this unit thoroughly. What a wonderful resource!!! K Chanter, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer (previous edition)
"We loved the teaching pack and the online revision that I purchased earlier in the year for my son's Media Studies. His grade went from a D in the mocks to a high B in the June exam. I wish we had found your resources earlier!" H Thomas, Parent & Customer (2013 edition)