Verbatim Theatre of Empowerment: 3 Original Plays

Logical, creative and interesting throughout but with the essential points made about equality and diversity

S Isaacs, Drama/English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Three short plays of a Verbatim Theatre framework using real voices from real people. Each play explores serious issues through minimalistic performances and roles for 6-8 actors. Also includes performance and rehearsal logs to use with the plays.

Stand Up is about discrimination that combines the real stories of students who left college as a result of prejudice. This play was nominated and showcased for the National Association of Colleges 'Exemplar of Equality and Diversity' award in 2010.
In Life and Death is a short play based on the story of Jen, a young girl from Northamptonshire who discovers she has HIV.
In Another World follows the stories of eight people who have been involved in domestic violence, either as victim or perpetrator.

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A very enjoyable read!! Logical, creative and interesting throughout but with the essential points made about equality and diversity. Real life issues for discussion. Definitely suitable for A level target audience. Can be used for GCSE and differentiated

S Isaacs, Drama/English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A good tool to use for those who are considering using Verbatim Theatre in their work. I liked the academic awareness and referencing that bookended the playlets, this will prove particularly useful to students of this genre, who can struggle to find useful resources. I liked it very much. Clean, clear, concise and coherent. I am teaching Documentary Theatre as the genre of choice for my [AQA] A2 devising students. I don't know if this resource is supposed to interpret this particular spec but there are moments when the two dovetail for my own demands

R Vines, HoD & Peer Reviewer

A very good resource to supplement any of the GCSE specifications. It is presented in a user-friendly, easy to read way. There is secure information on Verbatim theatre and Boal in the introduction and the subject matter is relevant to a younger audience. The final thought is grabbing and lists some influential practitoners of this style. The resource is helpful for any students choosing to rehearse and direct a piece of verbatim theatre or to schools wanting to introduce the genre as a precursor to creating a theme-based drama (a good introduction to a devising unit), or to work in a T.I.E style. I personally think it would work best as being solely a scripted topic. It has a lot of educational value as it covers a diversity of topics and themes (such as racism and homophobia to name but a few)

C Saddler, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer