English Legal System Topics: Lay People in the Legal System Activity Pack

32 starters 8 plenaries 17 research tasks
17 handouts on key aspects of Lay People in the Legal System

Activities include: Definitions • Cases and scenarios • Comprehension questions • Match-up • Anagrams • Pictionary • Crosswords • Pair/group work • Class discussion • Gap-fill

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Superb collection of starters, plenaries and research tasks to supplement your class teaching. Supported by additional handouts for each aspect of the topic. Answers provided.

  • Activities are clearly indexed and ready to use so you can easily pull out activities for the topic you are teaching.
  • Designed to encourage active learning
  • Comprehensive coverage of the Lay People in the Legal System topic, with all key and common cases and their legal principles

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5326)

After reading through this resource and think it is excellent. I would really use it for my own teaching and will be recommending it to other law teachers. I particularly liked the activities to support learning, especially the research tasks and the plenary tasks. I felt that they were very appropriate to the level the resource was directed at - M Black, Head of department and Independent Reviewer

The visual representations of the boxed displaying the topics the students must cover are a good way for them to visually display information. Overall this is a well-developed resource with a range of effective learning activities for all learners. This resource meets the OCR specification as all aspects of lay people are covered. - A Hepple, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

This was a good resource and very useful and helpful way to test the students in a quiz format. It is always difficult to find interesting ways of testing their abilities without reverting to mundane tests. These are an excellent alternative. I just think any resource that helps us test students in an imaginative way is very useful. This is one. ? D Moore, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

This resource would be an excellent tool in helping students to develop their discussion points into excellent evaluative comments. - V Smith, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Would you purchase this resource? Most definitely - especially for my distance-learning students; it's ideal - B Wyn Davies, Law Tutor, Examiner and Independent Reviewer