A Taste of Honey Study Guide for GCSE

It is brilliant! I even began to think Shelagh Delaney must have written it because it was so insightful and detailed. S Mann, Head of English & Independent Reviewer

A well-structured and stimulating Study Guide to bring the teaching of this play alive in the GCSE English Literature classroom.

The resource includes comprehensive notes on every important aspect of the play to meet GCSE Eng. Lit. Assessment Objective requirements and much more! Activities and additional features throughout also help engage students with the content and get them exploring the text independently.

Comprehensively covers:
  • Every scene and key character
  • The author’s choices of language, structure and form across the play as a whole and how these choices affect the reader
  • Key ideas, themes and settings across the play and why they are important
  • Key historical, cultural and social contextual points and how they influence the play as a whole
  • How to approach the WJEC exam and general essay advice
  • Key literary terms
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5291)
"It is excellent and offers good ideas for exam practice and also for role plays and group work for speaking and listening. I really liked it and would certainly use it, even for A Level. It was a very clear guide to the text with probing discussion points which would get learners thinking. I liked the discuss, did you know and key terms boxes which will stimulate classroom engagement and inform learners. Very clear analysis and character studies are useful throughout." J Orford, English Teacher
"I liked this resource a lot. It's really comprehensive and could be used to support the full range of student ability. This resource covers many bases. There is structured and supportive information to help the less able, and more open-ended and challenging activities (the 'active learning' sections especially). I really like the structure and the layout supports this very effectively. It matches the spec (WJEC) perfectly. I would recommend it to anyone teaching this play. (including for A Level - there's a lot of very useful stuff here)." B Kemp, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"This is a superb resource that has brought an old and what I considered dated text very much back to life. Having read the resource it made me want to teach the text which has remained untouched for the last decade or so! I loved the little discussion points, Did you know?, and Teacher's tips. This is a great resource for those students studying for WJEC Literature but I think it has enormous value to any teacher who wants to teach all or part of the text regardless of exam spec. The layout is structured in a perfect sequence for teaching, but equally allows you to dip in and out as and when needed. I do not think this resource could be improved upon. It is brilliant! I even began to think Shelagh Delaney must have written it because it was so insightful and detailed. I can't praise this highly enough. Clearly a lot of research, thought and hard-work has gone into this. I wish I had written it." S Mann, Head of English and Ind. Reviewer