Getting to Know... Die Berliner Mauer

Useful for:
AQA Cultural Topics
Edexcel Research-based Essay

The complete resource for studying ‘Die Berliner Mauer’, specifically tailored to the A Level exams. A thorough chapter-by-chapter work-through of the key moments and important people, with ready-to-use research tasks, worksheets and analysis. Students will know the period inside out and be fully prepared for the speaking and writing exams.

An excellent resource... It is comprehensive and will provide students with excellent support throughout their controlled assessment

A Ridsdale, HoD and Peer Reviewer
  • Chapters include: Construction of the wall, Living with the wall, Fall of the wall, After the wall
  • Biography and influence of Bärbel Bohley and Erich Honecker
  • Exam-style essay and oral questions provide perfect exam preparation
  • nvaluable essay-writing tips and vocab, plus detailed sample essay plan
  • Detailed answers to all exercises

What do teachers say about this resource? (5264)

I was very impressed with the detail and the in-depth knowledge students would get from studying this topic, using this resource. Everything is at your fingertips and is clearly well researched.

C Parker, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

I think this is an excellent resource. It is comprehensive and will provide students with excellent support throughout their controlled assessment. The detail is fantastic and I like the links to grammar and the guidance on using the material.

A Ridsdale, HoD and Peer Reviewer

On the whole an excellent resource. Matches the spec extremely well! The sections are clear and contain all the important facts and personalities. I particularly like all the self-research suggestions on youtube and many of the creative writing ideas, particularly the one on Peter Fechter, which should really involve the students.

R Mays, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

A very well structured resource with a logical approach and depth...Teachers and students should find their way through the resource easily.

K Herbst-Gray, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Very good, very helpful structure and lots of detail.

R Cole, Teacher and Customer