AQA A2 Law: Activity packs

Over 40 activities in each pack, that can be used as starters plenaries and research tasks All supported by succinct handouts on key aspects of each topic.

Activities include: Definitions • Cases and scenarios • Comprehension questions • Match-up • Anagrams • Pictionary • Crosswords • Pair/group work • Class discussion • Gap-fill

+ more...

Superb collection of activities that can be used as starters, plenaries and research tasks to supplement your class teaching. Supported by additional handouts for each aspect of the topic. Answers provided.

  • Activities are clearly indexed and ready to use so you can easily pull out activities for the topic you are teaching.
  • Designed to encourage active learning
  • Comprehensive coverage of each topic, with all key and common cases and their legal principles

What do teachers say about this resource? (5820)

This is a brilliant resource that I have taken various tasks from. This resource is brilliant for enhancing learning and has some good extension activities. The resource covers all aspects of the specification well.

M Ahmed, Head of Law & Peer Reviewer

I feel that this pack is of value to any law teacher. For a teacher new to the subject it essentially pinpoints the most important information on the offences in an accessible manner. I think the resource is on the whole very effective. There are a huge range of well-considered resources and activities that could be completed in class, for homework or used for revision purposes. I think this would complement and enhance teaching of the subject. - J Pike, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

This resource is excellent as it not only contains the notes required by learners but also has LOTS of activities to be used within the classroom. It shows the vast amount of work put in by the author and this is very much appreciated. – M Ahmed, Lecturer of Law and Independent Reviewer

This is a high-quality, thoughtful and excellent resource in a challenging area of law for students which will be just what A2 law teachers are looking for. The one-page summaries are excellent for revision. - P Emerton, teacher and Independent Reviewer

This is a good resource, the structure is clear and the material covers all that is required by the AQA A2 syllabus. - E Skinner, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5788)

Another excellent resource. The variety of activities is broad, enabling the more able and less able to be engaged... students using some or all of these resources will understand the key concepts of Blackmail far more easily. - J Conway, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

It was fantastic! Very thorough and it could be used by someone who was teaching law for the first time as well as a teacher looking to expand on their teaching activities for this topic. A varied, interesting and engaging resource book. The answers are also beneficial to any students or non specialist teachers that need help with fully grasping this topic. - R Elias-Jones, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

The information is clearly taken from the appropriate act and made student friendly for all abilities. The information is broken down in a much more clearer manner than in the course textbook which would make the resource good to use for revision. - Kayleigh Knox, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

This pack includes a variety of differentiated tasks which cater for different level learners and can be used as part of a main session, revision or extension tasks – M Ahmed, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

It is a really useful resource which would be a great help when teaching the topic of blackmail. It provides a wide range of activities which is suited to all different types of learners. The notes are also concise and accessible. It completely matches the specification. - E Skinner, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5790)

I thought it was very good. Packed full of activities that will stretch the able and motivate all.... A broad range of activities stretching the able and motivating both able and less able through a variety of different learning styles. It gives useful tips on how to answer AQA questions. It also highlights the links between criminal damage and other relevant parts of the course (comparisons with theft and contrasts with fraud). - J Conway, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

The resources enhances students learning allowing them to use their knowledge in activities at many different levels. This will not only allow students knowledge to be tested but also to enable core principles in a engaging and active way. The resource matches the specification 100% . It uses examiners feedback which is really helpful for the students as well as teachers. - P Pawlowska, Teacher, examiner and Independent Reviewer

This is a well-developed resource with a range of effective learning activities for all learners...The wide variety of cases are particularly useful for students to analyse and scrutinize the given are of law, additionally this will raise their grade in the exam. – A Hepple, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'Excellent resource on Criminal damage. I like the variety of activities available within this pack.' M Ahmed, Head of Law and ZigZag Education Customer

I think this is a good resource which covers the whole of criminal damage. The emphasis on the cases enhances learning. The key points on one page and the cases all on one page will be particularly beneficial for weaker learners who may be overwhelmed by the amount of information that they need to learn at A2. It matches the specification perfectly. It covers all the elements of all the criminal damage offences. The range of activities is really good, students like a variety of tasks and that is provided by this resource - E Skinner, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5789)

Excellent! The law is covered concisely but with some depth and the range of activities is superb. The range of activities was particularly useful. Different and engaing tasks for all abilities, stretching some with higher level thinking activities, while others being useful starter activities. Huge educational value. The variety of activities enables all learners to practice and learn authority. Repetition is key to remembering certain areas of the law. - J Conway, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

This resource was really useful, all of the fraud offences are referred to in a logical structure. This is a very valuable resource to aid learning. It could be used by students to supplement classroom learning. Or as a revision resource. - E Skinner, Head of Department and Independent Reviewer

I felt that this was a good resource for both new and experienced law teachers. I think that the wide range of different activities were engaging and effective and could be adapted to suit all classes. Effective use of this pack could have a positive impact on students understanding and ultimately exam results. - J Pike, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

A very useful resource which has a variety of activities. The notes at the beginning are an excellent way to allow learners to learn before they attempt the tasks. These activities can be used as revision or part of an actual lesson. – M Ahmed, Teacher and Independent Reviewer