A Midsummer Night's Dream KS3 SOW with Worksheets and PowerPoints

13 pick-up-and-go lesson plans with all necessary worksheets and supportive PowerPoint presentations for fun and comprehensive exploration of A Midsummer Night’s Dream for KS3.

A massively flexible resource that promotes high standards and appreciation of Literature.

Penglais English Department
  1. Clear and concise SOW outline
  2. 13 lesson plans with aims, starters, mains, plenaries, homework, and differentiation help
  3. 33 worksheets (including self-evaluation sheets)
  4. 12 animated presentations
The 13 lessons cover:
  • Language
  • Plot
  • Each scene
  • Written assessments
  • Drama assessments
  • Homework and further research

Excellent for Ofsted

A Davenport, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Importantly: English AFs have been covered, cross-curricular links made and differentiation sorted!

What do teachers say about this resource? (5205)

A fantastic resource. It has everything a teacher would need to teach this play at KS3 but also many ideas and resources related to Shakespeare that would be transferable to teaching his other plays at this level. It is very comprehensive and detailed... I liked the detailed lesson plans... the structured frameworks and worksheets that are fantastic for differentiation and would be a brilliant support for weaker pupils. There were also many active and creative ideas such as the drama activities and matching tasks... a great educational resource... Useful level descriptors for reading and drama activities which could be used as targets for the class or individual pupils. Lovely self-evaluation and peer assessment sheets which promote self-reflection.... Excellent inclusion of sentence starters for the explanation section of the PEE structure which many pupils find difficult... Excellent writing frame which could be used as preparation for an assessment on the SOW... an excellent resource that I would recommend, very user friendly for both pupils and teachers.

K McLoughlin, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A massively flexible resource that promotes high standards and appreciation of Literature. This covers a huge range of learning methods and aims to include a variety of cross-curricular information, often rooted in PSHE... The outline is faultless and the lesson plans are tidy and adaptable... I LOVE the order of the pages - I cannot stand SOWs that clump lesson plans and then clump worksheets, and sometimes split them into smaller clumps. I much prefer to see lesson plans followed up immediately by the resources... I was delighted by the accessible level descriptors and self-assessment sheet combined. It's nice to see students encouraged to look back at the mini-projects so they can aim to progress... The fact that page and line references are given early in the resource is reassuring - students are being encouraged to be aware of quotations at the very least - higher level or ability students should be using them by the end of the resource... Students are encouraged to enhance their essay, exam and other writing skills as well as understand the play and its history. It's well-woven together

Penglais English Department

An excellent resource, well planned and executed, thoughtfully put-together and simply but effectively presented... I like the straightforward nature – simple lesson plans, differentiated worksheets and accompanying PowerPoints all organised in a logical way... maintains a fun and interesting approach to the play whilst... enhancing students language and character analysis as well as an appreciation of Shakespeare and the context in which he was writing... thorough links with APP criteria and with AFs explained... It fits in well with year 8 and their abilities and covers a great deal of different assessment and activity areas.

P Town, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The teacher would not need to do anything else, as this resource includes a wide variety of different activities and tasks... Very clear, organised... This resource has really covered everything. Matches the specification extremely well. Covers a range of activities and skills... Excellent for Ofsted. The self evaluation section is great and very time saving... I really liked the activity where students have to choose from a list of adjectives to describe Hermia. Students would really enjoy doing this and it also provides a good opportunity for them to extend their vocabulary... I like the idea of the animated presentations – a fully interactive resource for teachers.

A Davenport, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Ready to use and can quickly be implemented into any department... students are supported throughout the resource... I really like the self evaluation for teachers to complete at the end of each lesson. It encourages teachers to reflect and identify targets for the next lesson... The pair evaluation sheets are clear and can be used with any class. This will help to encourage [students] to be supportive of one another and develop their independent skills. I love the cross curricular activity suggestions... presented very clearly. It is easy to follow and the assessment opportunities are highlighted for each lesson... All AFs have been included and the three disciplines of English are covered...

K Greaves, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer