Mod Cons: an original play for KS4

An original play which explores the concepts of different cultures, modern conveniences, honesty, love and teenage angst through the interaction of 11 characters in approximately 30 minutes.

Also includes scene-by-scene delivery notes and explorative drama and warm-up activities. Great for class drama practice, live performances or an audition piece.

About the play:

What are the consequences of keeping things secret for too long and of deliberate deception? Estelle is the new girl at school and trying to make friends. She comes from a different type of family where her dad greets people with a ‘whai’ and doesn’t believe in DVD players, her mother has been on a mysterious research trip for the past year and her brother talks in haikus. She only seems comfortable talking in accents to hide who she really is and is desperate to find her place in the world.

What do teachers say about this resource? (5193)

The educational value is linked to looking at other cultures and their beliefs. Linked to Mod Cons, do we really need a DVD player? When is it right to tell a lie? When should you tell a child they are adopted? Was everything dad said a lie? What makes a true friend?

B Chapman, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer