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Northern Lights Notes and Activities for KS3

Students are encouraged to:

  • Discuss and interpret the actions of key characters throughout the novel
  • Complete quick quizzes to demonstrate their comprehension & knowledge of each chapter
  • Write creatively using key characters & moments in the novel as springboards for diary entries, letters, news reports, description, prose fiction & much more!
  • Read and analyse extracts of the text to demonstrate understanding of the writer’s craft as well as spelling, punctuation & grammar
  • Take part in discussions, role play & debates to practice their speaking and listening skills in relation to key ideas
This resource offers an engaging and consistent approach to teaching this exciting young adult novel.

All chapters are explored through:

  • a brief summary
  • class discussion points
  • a comprehension quiz
  • further activities linked to Reading, Writing or Speaking & Listening KS3 Assessment Foci

Starter, film, final tasks and teacher’s answers are also included to support a well-rounded and easy-to-deliver scheme. Six reading Assessing Pupils’ Progress grids included and matched to activities throughout the pack make the assessment process simple.

A solid base for a new scheme which many school may be hesitant about taking on. One read of this would reassure them immediately. E Evans, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer