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Listening Exam Practice for A Level Edexcel Spanish

Comprehensive practice for the listening element of the AS Edexcel Spanish exam. 24 specially written texts recorded by native speakers, with exam-style questions and answers.

Listening is usually the area pupils find most worrying – these tasks could be given as regular homework or are easy to use in class... The fact that it has answers included is brilliant.

F Lynch, MFL Teacher & Independent Reviewer

  • Full coverage of the specification – texts for every topic and question type, pitched at the right level
  • I like how the resource has been perfectly written to support teachers in their delivery of listening practice for the AQA AS exam… appropriately challenging for AS students without being too challenging.

    C Johnson, MFL Teacher & Independent Reviewer

    It matches the specification perfectly covering all topics and subtopics as well as the different types of listening exercises.

    E Sinot, Head of French & Independent Reviewer

    I can’t think of a resource which matches the specification better than this! The level is spot on and the exercises are identical to those in the exam both in terms of style and difficulty.

    G Smith, MFL Tutor & Independent Reviewer

  • Engages students and gives ideas for speaking and writing
  • I love the fact that all of the texts have obviously been carefully chosen as they are not only topic-related, but interesting and will engage students.

    G Smith, MFL Tutor & Independent Reviewer

    This should prepare students properly for their listening exam, but also provide them with ideas for speaking and writing.

    E Sinot, Head of French & Independent Reviewer