BTEC First Teaching Packs

Endorsed for BTEC

Unit 1 is endorsed for BTEC

Detailed SoW designed specifically for the new 2013 specification. Comprehensively covers every point on the specification – in order! Structured lesson plans and all associated resources provided.

In a word - WOW! An exhaustive introduction to key media concepts...

J Stenner, HoD & Independent Reviewer
  • Detailed lesson plans with aims, starters, main, exposition, and extension/homework
  • Info-sheets, pop quizzes and worksheets for 16 sub-topics
  • Glossary of key terms specific for the unit
  • Answers included

...I loved the range of activities and how these appealed to different learning styles

J Stenner, HoD & Independent Reviewer
Lesson coverage:
Digital Media • Sectors within the Creative Industries • Digital Media Platforms and Devices • Multimedia Technology and Consumption • Types of Audiences • Audience and Producer Control • Understanding Audiences through Research • Audience Profiling • Codes as ‘Signs’ • Stylistic Codes as Signs • Creating Meaning • Representation • Genre and Narrative

What do teachers say about this resource? (5137)

An excellent, comprehensive and coherent set of resources that are totally focused on the unit and the learner's chances to succeed... All of the resources are well tailored to the level of the learners and all meet the requirements of the unit. The resources are student friendly and clearly explain the tasks... This resource is perfectly pitched to bring learners who have not necessarily engaged with the media at any level before, up to a good standard. It is also very good at making what is potentially a very dull topic of study into something engaging... This resources sticks to the specification perfectly, every single learning outcome and descriptor is matched with a task. I have no doubt that if this resource is followed then students will meet every learning outcome.

R Crabb, HoD & Peer Reviewer

In a word - WOW! This is an exhaustive introduction to key media concepts for the new and more demanding mandatory BTEC unit... I loved the range of activities and how these appealed to different learning styles - kinaesthetic, auditory and tactile, with a great use of card sorts and 'pop quizzes'. Quite complex concepts were introduced to learners, then revisited until students would be learning at a high level. I particularly liked the skilful use of stock photographs to enhance understanding of lighting techniques and camera angles, as well as the section on regulatory bodies. The students would have a really in-depth understanding of the key concepts underpinning digital media production... The layout and graphic style of the work was excellent, with a great use of symbols to illustrate various aspects of the course.

J Stenner, HoD & Independent Reviewer

Excellent, lesson ideas and task sheets are perfect... there are lessons/activities to cover everything in the unit... the activities allow me to approach difficult terminology in a creative way... that appeals to their learning style... If you struggle to plan lessons that will engage students with the difficult terminology in Unit 1, this is the resource for you.

M Norton, Teacher & Customer

Particularly like the in depth glossary - would be useful across levels and specs... The inclusion of information sheets builds a nice revision booklet for students to refer back to... it matches the new specification well, providing a variety of ways activities can be conducted.

E Richardson, Tutor & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5795)

Creative, thorough and imaginative... good coverage of the main sectors, good production templates and good client briefs which are adequately detailed. There is a good use of alternative presentation methods, a good use of peer assessment, good use of feedback and reflection techniques in worksheets and excellent extension tasks. There is an extensive exploration and use of different presentation methods which is particularly useful to learners in relation to employability skills. The class tasks are well linked to the assignment throughout... it would be an investment which would help to ensure that the learners achieve the best grades possible in line with the specification.

R Heyes, Tutor & Peer Reviewer