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OCR Lit (first teaching Sept 2011): Edward Thomas Notes & Worksheets w/audio

If students internalised the contents of this resource, they would be well on their way to a top grade at A Level. A Baiden, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

A comprehensive guide to all 15 Edward Thomas set poems for OCR English Literature. The resource is perfect to use as handouts for students in class, as a basis for a Scheme of Work or to support independent study.

  1. Support students’ comprehension and further analysis of the poems with clear and detailed commentaries on: themes and ideas, language and imagery, form and structure, context, and third-party critical comments.
  2. Encourage students to explore the selection at their own level with stimulating and engaging worksheets on each poem.
  3. Prepare students for their exams with copies of the poems for independent annotation, along with a brief biography, thematic and contextual notes, and OCR examination preparation.

Also includes a CD with high-quality readings of the poems performed by Philip Bird, Globe actor.

Poems covered:

  1. ‘March’
  2. ‘Old Man’
  3. ‘Tears’
  4. ‘But these things also’
  5. ‘Melancholy’
  6. ‘The Glory’
  7. ‘Words’
  8. ‘Aspens’
  1. ‘This is no case of petty right and wrong’
  2. ‘Rain’
  3. ‘No one so much as you’
  4. ‘The sun used to shine’
  5. ‘As the team’s head brass’
  6. ‘Gone, Gone Again (otherwise entitled Blenheim Oranges)’
  7. ‘Light’s Out’