A Midsummer Night's Dream Activity Pack for A Level English

Ready-to-use worksheets, which explore key aspects of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at A Level and are a perfect complement to your scheme of work. Teacher’s notes and answers ensure that the delivery of these activities is fool-proof!

A one-stop shop of everything you would need to prepare pupils for the course requirements

K McLoughlin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Creative and engaging activities target Assessment Objectives 1, 2 and 4 to ensure your students analyse the plays’ contextual influence, language, structure, form, comedy features, and the play as a whole.

Activities include: Starter grids • AO4 activities (independent, pair and group work) • AO2 activities (independent, pair and group work) • Whole play tasks (independent, pair and group work) • Revision flash cards • Presentations • Re-creative and transformational tasks • Review the text and a performance • Changing texts • Essay tasks suitable to prepare for OCR English Literature exams

Written by an excellent teacher who knows what they are doing

K McLoughlin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5106)

I thought this was a fabulous resource, one of the best I have reviewed and I want to get it myself. It is a one-stop shop of everything you would need to prepare pupils for the course requirements. There were so many things I liked about the resource, for example: excellent quality essay tasks, I liked the linking of AO to activities at the start of the resource and creative and active tasks which would help engage pupils and move literature beyond a sitting at desks and reading style. Written by an excellent teacher who knows what they are doing.

K McLoughlin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

From the very first page there are further suggestions and links to websites to help teachers deliver the content. All the worksheets are ready to use and are clear to both teachers and students. A range of characters and themes are covered in a variety of ways. There are also creative writing tasks which enhance this resource further. I like how the students can see that they are using the higher levels of thinking (Blooms taxonomy diagram). All the resources have the answers on a separate sheet which is useful if someone is covering your lesson or it is your first time teaching the text.

K Greaves, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I like the fact that full answers are provided for all of the tasks that have questions. This will save time for the teacher. Having links for extra reading is a real bonus. It is an opportunity to give the more able extra reading or as straight forward homework tasks. There is evidently good knowledge here... Ideas for the recreative tasks are helpful as this is often difficult. The links to Bloom taxonomy is certainly something Ofsted would like to see!... There is good background knowledge and, as the objective states, it is good for enhancing AO4. In fact, there is also lots here for AO2.

E Gasan, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer