The Go-Between Notes and Activities for KS3

Notes and activities which support the teaching of The Go-Between at KS3 and are perfect to prepare Year 9 KS3 students for their GCSE studies without being too daunting. Activities are clearly linked to KS3 Assessment Foci to make picking suitable activities for your class, and scheme of work development, quick and simple.

An interesting resource that promotes ambitious learning

E Evans, Teacher and Peer Reviewer
  • Support students’ understanding and their independent interpretations with student-friendly chapter worksheets and character summaries
  • Engage students with the key aspects of the novel and help them to practise their English Literature skills with stimulating and varied activity sheets, all linked to Reading, Writing and S&L AFs

Three grids for Assessing Pupil’s Progress also included!

I particularly liked the use of leveled assessment sheets to guide both teachers and students in peer and self assessment of their completion of different tasks

H Ward, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
Every chapter worksheet includes: ❶ Key quotes ❷ Links to AFs ❸ Mini glossaries ❹ Cloze activity ❺ Discussion points

What do teachers say about this resource? (5090)

This is a brilliantly captivating resource that prepares Year 9s well for GCSE and pushes MAT students accordingly. The content is easy to understand and clearly explained where necessary (particularly in the case of the author background), but works well to develop an ambitious vocabulary within the students, using words in a context where they can deduce meaning. There are plenty of discussion points for each chapter, meaning that one chapter can span two lessons, or teachers can split the tasks between groups and create a collaborative discussion activity for each section of the text.An interesting resource that promotes ambitious learning.

E Evans, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

This was an excellent resource. It's clear and concise, allowing pupils to approach the text in stages - as individual chapters, or as an overview. The tasks are intelligently designed to meet a range of AFs, and cover Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening very well. I really like the range of tasks - creative, discursive, oral. particularly good are the open questions at the end - lend themselves to discussion or written responses. It's a thorough and strong resource.

S Owen, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

This is a good GCSE prep resource. It's new, fresh, and covers all frameworks. It has MAT-centred activities as well as lower level differentiation.

Lots of different activities for different learners with prompts to help push less confident learners. Very flexible, with clear toolbars so students can track their progress.

Penglais English Department

I thought this resource was very good. I thought it would be well suited to a average to high ability class. It helps students develop skills which are required at KS4. Each page/task has a clear focus which is made explicit to the students and will help them make progress. I thought the ranges of tasks were very good (all strands of S&L are covered) there are even tasks which focus on context in depth which is an essential skill for KS4. I enjoyed the extension tasks which also encouraged further reading (Emily Bronte). The questions which are included on the worksheets encourage students to think deeper and consider character's motives and desires (pg 48). There are examples given on some worksheets which ensure that work is appropriately scaffolded for students (pg 47). Most of the tasks can easily be adapted to suit the learning preferences of your class, for example the Seven Deadly Sins worksheet could be completed independently, in pairs, groups are even be used as the basis for a S&L presentation/discussion. I feel this resource enhances learning through moral development (considering the plot of the novel, character's desires etc). I feel this is a very good and challenging unit for a Y9 class. I feel it would be a good end of year unit as it prepares them for KS4 very well. They are encouraged to focus on extracts/chapters as well as the novel as a whole.

K Greaves, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

a good resource with a lot of additional information available for teachers new to this text... I particularly liked the use of leveled assessment sheets to guide both teachers and students in peer and self assessment of their completion of different tasks.

H Ward, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer