OCR A2 G153: Activity Packs

I particularly like the detail of the content and the variety of activities… There are lots of opportunities for stretch & challenge, including peer-marking, research & the OCR exam-style dilemma question. C Watts, Curriculum Leader & Independent Reviewer

Over 30 starters 6 plenaries 3 research tasks for each topic

Activities include: Definitions • Cases and scenarios • Comprehension questions • Match-up • Anagrams • Pictionary • Crosswords • Pair/group work • Class discussion • Gap-fill

+ more...

Superb collection of starters, plenaries and research tasks to supplement your class teaching. Supported by additional handouts for each aspect of the topic. Answers provided.

  • Activities are clearly indexed and ready to use so you can easily pull out activities for the topic you are teaching.
  • Designed to encourage active learning
  • Comprehensive coverage of each topic, with all key and common cases and their legal principles
  • Includes OCR exam-style dilemma questions
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"An excellent companion to good teaching. The starters are wonderful with a strong emphasis on the need for interactive and fun learning within the classroom." V Smith, Law Teacher and Independent Reviewer