Live Theatre Scheme of Work: GCSE AQA Unit 1 Section C

An excellent, straightforward resource. It identifies key areas and gives six well defined and focused lessons to prepare pupils for an overarching essay. K McLoughlin, Drama and English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Easy-to-use with supportive resources included = little to no preparation needed to deliver.

This six-lesson Scheme of Work has been designed specifically to support GCSE AQA Unit 1 Section C Live Theatre exam question. It is for use after a Live Theatre Production visit and uses practical activities to engage students in a fun and dynamic way with their chosen Live Theatre production from a performance point of view, primarily acting.

The lessons focus on performance through:

  • Genre & Style
  • Naturalistic and Non-naturalistic
  • Staging & Proxemics
  • Voice & Movement
  • Character Biographies
  • Writing for performance