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GCSE AQA Unit 1 Revision Guides: Annual Topics

Ensure students are fully prepared for the exam, from key terms to analysis and pre-production skills.

  • Key terms activities give students the language they need to discuss the exam topics
  • Step-by-step analysis of the topic, structured by key concept

Essential Practice

  • Exam-style questions & pre-production tasks
  • Annotated sample answers help them to recognise what makes a good answer

Specifically written for the GCSE AQA exams – every page is relevant!

A great resource for both learners and facilitators – you can't go wrong if you buy this one! J Stenner, Head of Media, Examiner & Independent Reviewer (2015 guide)
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4946)
'A first class resource which really focuses students on the assessment objectives and gives them loads of practise on with the key skills required to perform well in the examination. This exam only lasts ninety minutes and comprehensive preparation for it is essential if candidates are to fulfil their potentialWhat was particularly useful about this resource was the rich diversity of activities from mix and match to critically analysing varyingly successful examination responses that were available to students. The use of actual covers from Mixmag and other publications was really useful and gave students real life examples to work from.This resource really helps students to focus on the key concepts and assessment objectives that lie at the heart of AQA's media curriculum. Of particular note was the attention paid to the rarely visited concept of institution - specific and really useful information is provided that will definitely give the well-prepared student the edge.The presentation is professional and easy on the eye, with plenty of variety, but also a consistent house style they reassures students and challenges them at the same timeThe best part of the resource is the clear and simple explanation of exactly what is required of students in the specification, which is how the resource starts. The key concepts are applied to specific examples and case studies, which will enable students to apply them effectively on the day of the examination.'J Stenner, Head of Creative Media & Independent Reviewer
'Lots of advice for students, in particular revision and exam tips which really sum it all up for the students and what we are always telling them! ... Pupil speak mark schemes are always so useful and I use these type of mark schemes to set targets for students. The What is my Aim? page is also an excellent idea giving students ownership of working out their final GCSE grade based on Unit 2 controlled assessment work and a mock exam. It is this step that could make the difference... There is a very detailed guide to writing your response... how can a student fail?! ... The author has clearly done so much work for this resource, it saves so much time for us teachers... it is everything you ever needed to know about the Music Press in a nutshell, with media theory built in!The activities are relevant to what students may be interested in i.e. Bestival website, Metal Hammer and there is something to cater for all tastes in music... All of the key concepts are covered and applicable to the chosen magazines print/online thus carrying across a theme accessible for all students... I teach this specification and know the qualification inside out - all aspects have been covered and I would suggest just at the right pitch.'S Crawte, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
'Thorough, detailed, will save teachers so much preparation time. Liked the annotated examples of texts (magazine covers and websites); liked the sample exam answers with suggestions as to how they could be improved; liked the focus on terminology. Very good preparation for the Music press exam (GCSE AQA)... Matches the requirements of the spec very effectively... giving lots of exam advice and practice... Very nice to see star theory covered for this topic.'S Mills, Media Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5102)
'Liked the analysis activities such as posters / web pages etc. useful and relevant examples. good use of terminology throughout, appealing for pupils.'S Mills, Teacher, Examiner, Independent Reviewer