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SOS Reading: How to get a C in GCSE AQA Spanish Reading

Trains your weaker students to get that C in AQA GCSE Spanish! 5 specific language strategies (1. Using Cognates and Near Cognates, 2. Grammatical Position of Words, 3. Focusing on Important Words, 4. Using Time Frames, 5. Important Words that Change Meaning) are built up through carefully selected tasks. For each strategy, the logical structure is:

  1. Explanation of the strategy
  2. A warm-up activity to understand the strategy
  3. Annotated practice exercises to build confidence
  4. Full exam questions to challenge.

  • Vocab, task type, grammar and topics all perfectly tailored to the AQA exam!
  • Self-contained resource supports weaker students without taking up valuable class time

"...Therefore, this resource, in my experience as a GCSE examiner and teacher, is definitely an effective way of engaging learners with both learning to learn and MFL skills needed in order to attain the C grade."
S Darnell, Teacher and Independent Reviewer