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KS3 Activity Pack: The Histories of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Comprehensive, brilliantly structured activity pack focusing on the key people, events and topics in Britain, from 600 BC to the present day.

A variety of 25 engaging, self-contained worksheets. Specifically designed for National Curriculum British History Topic: ‘The different histories and changing relationships through time of the peoples of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales’.

Tailored to be accessible to all students, from Years 7 to 9 – the perfect companion to any scheme of work!

  • Individual and group tasks
  • Storyboards, timeline, graphs, and more!
  • Extension tasks to stretch and challenge the more able
  • Explanatory teacher’s notes and answers included!

Activities are designed to cover the key concepts and key processes set out by the National Curriculum.

Key Concepts – Examples
  • Chronological understanding – covers 5 key time periods in chronological order
  • Significance – study key events such as the impact of the Civil War, to the troubles in Northern Ireland
  • Interpretation – students discuss different views and sources from each time period
Key Processes – Examples
  • Historical enquiry – group tasks help students to engage in debate
  • Using evidence – newspaper articles, letters and eye-witness accounts give students the evidence and stimulate interest
  • Communicating about the past – storyboards, letters and writing frames provide a variety of ways for students to give their feedback on events