A Doll's House: Activity Pack for A Level English

A comprehensive selection of activities to support the teaching of A Doll’s House at A Level. These structured activities are perfect to track through the play or to dip into when needed. With answers included, it can be used to support class lessons or for revision.

Consistently invites reflection and discussion of language which is so important to many specifications

K McLoughlin, Teacher & Customer
  • pre-reading activities – find out about Ibsen, matrimony and divorce in the Victorian era
  • a range of activities for each act – track through the key themes, characters and context, form, language and structural techniques used and much more!
  • whole-text activities – understand the characters, the alternative ending, the play’s critical reception, the difference between melodrama and realism and even more language analysis

Essay plans and advice also included for AQA A Lit.

Provides the teacher with all the necessary tools to support students in gaining a detailed grounding in this classic text

K McLoughlin, Teacher & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (4911)

An excellent resource! Provides the teacher with all the necessary tools to support students in gaining a detailed grounding in this classic text... I like the timeline of divorce law in the Victorian era which can feed into more research and contextualises the social context of the text... There are very useful guiding questions which teachers can use to invite students to revisit and analyse key aspects of the text... It is very comprehensive in its depth. It consistently invites reflection and discussion of language which is so important to many specifications.

K McLoughlin, Teacher & Customer

I liked the practical activities and worksheets exercises that depart from the standard research/discussion/questions that forms most A Level teaching resources. Sixth form students need interesting and engaging activities as much as lower school pupils, and this is what I look for in a resource. The lesson objectives of the CEA syllabus are met.

A Kane, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This is a well-researched and detailed resource which would support independent study or revision. I liked the coverage of the various aspects of the drama text and the samples at the back. There has been a lot of detailed work that has gone into this resource.

T Kenney, HoD & Peer Reviewer

I liked it very much, especially the links made between the play and other Victorian plays... There were lots of opportunities for students to make their own connections within the play itself and across a wider selection of texts.

N Barker, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Clear, concise and comprehensive... it will encourage both teachers and students to explore beyond the limitations of the criteria... I particularly liked the 'Language and Effects' and 'Typical Features of Speech' and related activities... There is a good balance between the teacher resources and student resources, handouts and activities.... the flexibility is built in to allow adaptation of activities for different group sizes and abilities... Layout is clear, concise and easy to cross-reference... matches and interprets the specifications thoroughly and with scope for further imaginative study and personal research.

M Dunn, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Some exciting ideas of how to look at the text in an innovative way.

C Salisbury, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Brilliant resource for extending year 13. Easy for pupils to follow. Very closely [matches the specification].

C Davies, HoD & Customer

The activities are student directed, provide a range of interpretative approaches, and are supported with useful notes for teachers. The 'Suggestions for Use' section at the beginning was very helpful and made the resource easier to apply to teaching... clear attention to making this a useful resource for the teacher... The resource enhances learning by providing student handouts with explanatory notes... good range of activities focused on student engagement with the play.

T Garland, HoD & Peer Reviewer