Great Expectations Comprehensive Guide for A Level

A comprehensive set of notes interspersed with activities to support the teaching or studying of Great Expectations at A Level. Ideal to accompany lessons as hand-outs, background reading or to be used for self-study by the students.

An excellent resource with a fantastic amount of detail

V Kennedy, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Relate key contextual information, literary techniques, themes and characters to the text as a whole with detailed notes and quick references to relevant chapters
  • Explore and evaluate the text with fantastic commentaries, questions and activities on all 59 chapters.

    Support[s] students' independent reading

    Beth Kemp, HoD & Peer Reviewer
  • Revise for your exam (AQA B Lit and AQA A Lang & Lit) with practice questions in the style of your exam.

What do teachers say about this resource? (4889)

This is an excellent resource with a fantastic amount of detail. The chapter summaries are comprehensive, full of the right amount of detail needed for study at this level. The summaries have well chosen quotations for students to focus their analysis on (which of course are instrumental in the revision process). The character studies were excellent and I particularly liked the fact that they were woven into the chapter summaries. There is lots of scope for teachers to use this as a springboard for their own activities but likewise, it could be ideal for a teacher new to the text as there are a lot of activities to support. This is an ideal resource for the AQA Specification B. It is perfect.

V Kennedy, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It is a very comprehensive guide to the novel...Lots of detail on chapters, allowing students to work independently on the text. This would enable lessons to focus on exam requirements and the ways in which students need to be able to write about the text.
It would support students' independent reading of the text and show them some depth of analysis in the features selected for comment.
Helpful headings and quotations picked out clearly in bold.

Beth Kemp, HoD & Peer Reviewer