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Contemporary Data Response Case Studies for A2 Unit F583: Work and Leisure

Ten up-to-date case studies with exam-style data response questions. Use them as tests, stimuli for class discussion, self-contained homeworks, or springboards for students’ independent revision.

There is clearly a need for this type of resource... The current and slightly humorous nature of the stimulus articles (e.g. naked cleaner) should keep the attention of the pupil!

C Sivewright, Principal at Oxford School of Learning, Examiner & Independent Reviewer
  • Topical and light-hearted stimulus material grips students’ interest
  • Explanation of key terms in every article

  • Exam-style questions help students to apply economic theories to contemporary examples and data
  • Detailed answers with diagrams provided
10 Up-to-Date ‘Work and Leisure’ Case Studies!
  • The Economics of Popcorn
  • Vacancies for ‘Specialist’ Cleaners
  • A Living or a Minimum Wage?
  • Footballers’ Pay: Supply and Demand in Action?
  • You Wait Ages for A Bus…
  • Local High Street: Monopolistic Competition?
  • Unemployment in the EU
  • On The Power of Trades Unions
  • On The ‘Bathtub’ of Unemployment
  • Is There An Income-Leisure Trade Off?