BTEC First Award in Applied Science (2012) Assignment Packs

Endorsed by Edexcel

Unit 4 is Endorsed for use with the new BTEC in Applied Science Level 2 specification (2012).

Three original and engaging sets of assignments each for Units 2–7, covering every assessment point for Pass, Merit and Distinction.

  • Interchangeable assignments provided in three different styles, offering you a choice of assignment and the flexibility to deliver them at the most appropriate time for your class
  • Multiple approaches include both holistic and independent vocational scenarios

Any teacher with little time to write assignments should consider purchasing it

E Texter, Deputy Head of Biology & Peer Reviewer

  • Cleverly designed worksheets with checklists – easy to mark and give instant feedback.
  • Logical progression through all criteria – your students won’t miss a thing.

Teaching Packs, Activity Packs and Practice Exam Papers are also available!
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What do teachers say about this resource? (4733)

Very useful and varied.

Very useful as it focusses on the learning aims for unit 3 and helps students and staff deal with problems and areas to improve for other assignments.

K Lewis, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

The resource Is well structured and is very clear. The assignment briefs are not complicated and clearly state the criteria that is being addressed within each task. Tasks are broken down into manageable sections.

This is a useful resource for teachers especially as it takes away the hard work of planning a scenario and thinking of activities.

R Waller, BTEC Coordinator and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (4732)

Excellent - would use this tomorrow

I Healey, HoD and Peer Reviewer

I am very impressed with this resource and I would recommend it as an example of how BTEC should be taught in schools and colleges. The assignments are so well constructed and the teacher's role is to provide guidance through the assignments, rather than spoon feeding. To me this is the true spirit of BTEC teaching... Pass, merit and distinction tasks are clearly explained and marked very clearly within the pack. It is very clear what is needed for each criterion... The vocational contexts are most appropriate and I really like the positive tone... Using a resource like this also helps with planning and delivery and saves hours of preparation time!

D Davidson, BTEC Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The resources are very good and compliment the BTEC qualification. I am finding them really useful while I am delivering this qualification.
I particularly like this resource because it follows the scheme of work we are delivering.
Students can use the resources to add to their work which helps them complete the criteria.
It is better than some other resources because it concentrates on the specific topic being covered

T Tomlin, Teacher & Customer

A good and detailed resource. I liked the depth of detail to the briefs and the structure given.

M Smith, Senior Technician and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (4737)

This is an excellent resource... Any teacher with little time to write assignments should consider purchasing it. The resource offers a uniqueness which other published resources do not present and that is choice. The briefs themselves are well written therefore students have a clear understanding of the requirements needed to complete tasks. This is a unique resource which allows a mix and match of teaching and learning styles

E Texter, Deputy Head of Biology & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (4736)

This is an ideal resource that will allow teachers to move through the specification whilst allowing students to 'access all areas'... Topics are short enough for all assessment criteria to be met but not too long as to discourage the 'unwilling' student... It clearly directs teachers and candidates through the assessment criteria and there is clear indication as to what is required for candidates to achieve the pass, merit and distinction grades... The assessors page is a great addition; it's well designed and laid out with the assessment criteria clearly identifiable and there is room to put notes/targets for pupils.

R Woodman, Head of Physics & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5351)

I liked the resource a lot. It provides a useful support tool for staff and students. Its a great time saver. Good range of activities from posters to leaflets and presentations. It enhances learning by focusing pupils on what they need to do to achieve their marks

M Smith, Teacher and Peer Reviewer