BTEC First in Business (2012) Teaching Packs

Endorsed for BTEC

The Unit 2 Teaching Pack is Endorsed by Edexcel for use with the BTEC First in Business Level 1/2 specification (2012).

Comprehensive notes in student-friendly language structured order of the 2012 specification! Three comprehensive booklets cover the unit – ideal for independent learning. Variety of regular activities engages students with different learning styles. Recap questions ensure students retain key information.

  • Up-to-date case studies apply the theory to real businesses
  • Lesson plans, scheme of work and answers – your planning done for you!
  • Practice assignment tasks throughout – get it right first time!

What do teachers say about this resource? (5269)

A very good starter to gain understanding of sales... It has a easy to follow structure with activities to engage with learners... The Teacher's Manual offers advice and support to assist the teacher in the delivery of the course and its exercises and role plays... Learners do need to understand the sales function as without there is no business and no salaries and wages! I found the structure and layout easy to follow and logical... An interesting read and observation as an Chief Examiner in sales and marketing. Good to see this available to engage with learners studying business." – G Webb, International Principal Examiner and Moderator, Independent Reviewer

'It is well presented and obviously some hard work has been put into the forms, activities and case studies. Graphics are well placed and language is clear and understandable.' – T Andrews, Senior Lecturer at Portsmouth Business School & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5726)

I thought that the resources were very well structured, and followed a clear path, which is user friendly and student friendly. Really well planned and throughout set of resources. I loved how the resources were related to current affairs, and businesses that are current. There is a lot of activities throughout the resources which allow for students learning to be assessed." – R Turley, Lead Teacher of Business & Independent Reviewer

A sound introduction to marketing... The resource allows students to roleplay the theory and to apply the knowledge in a well thought out manner... can be easily adapted to fit different styles of delivery." – T Birch-Machin, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5769)

A very good resource which flowed well and logically throughout... a very good learning resouce." – G Craven, Business Tutor, Programme Manager & Independent Reviewer

A good resource. Clearly laid out with recap questions to test knowledge throughout and homework. - S Bryant, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

An excellent and very comprehensive resource... It covers all areas of the new unit 18 specification thoroughly and could replace traditional textbooks for students. There are lots of practical activities to encourage students to apply their learning and it is very helpful for teachers to have the full answers included with the resource – excellent! I would definitely consider buying the resource and also recommend it to my students. – Julie Whatford, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (4660)

'Very thorough coverage of all aspects of the theory. Useful scheme of work and clear assignment briefs... Variety of activities and research guidance... It is the best option by far in terms of resources for new spec BTEC.' – E Nation, Teacher & Customer

'Very comprehensive, volume of tasks allows a pick and mix approach to when lesson planning... It provides clear scenarios that they can access... it is more detailed than other resources.' – S Stevens, Teacher & Customer

'I felt very positive about this resource... a teacher could be ready to deliver it very quickly as a complete package but there is scope if desired to add to the materials... I liked that it is comprehensive so that a new or less experienced teacher could in pick it up and feel confident that they had sufficient materials to deliver the unit and that the time had also been allocated suitably for each activity. I like the fact that students can answer according to their ability... I like its active approach with lots of small activities that keep students busy and engaged throughout while gathering skills and understanding of the topics... would appeal to a wide range of ability within the target group - that students can answer on a basic level but that there is scope to do more.' S Haynes, Head of Business Studies & Independent Reviewer

Very professionally produced. A good range of comprehensive resources that would be engaging for students. Would be excellent for anyone to buy as would significanly save planning time... Well organised resource. A range of activities are included. Easy layout for the learners. Thorough teaching guide which is in the form of SOW. I didn't dislike anything about this resource... this resource certainly does enhance learning in a vocational context... The resource matches and interprets the specification really well and thoroughly." - R Brooke, Head of Business and Vocational & Independent Reviewer

An excellent and very comprehensive resource and will be great for all students to support their studies. It could be used as a study guide for independent study or as part of class discussions. The guide has lots of good case study examples to practically bring the topics to life and help level 2 students relate to the topics. It also has lots of activities to engage learners... the resource is written in clear English and would be easy for students to follow... It covers all areas of the new unit 1 specification thoroughly and could replace traditional textbooks for students... I felt that the resource was written in non-jargon language and used diagrams well. It was not too text heavy which is particularly important for level 2 students... It helps learning as students can practice the questions, they can then see if they have mastered the topic. It could be used as a stand alone study guide for independent study... The resource very closely follows the specification." — J Whatford, Business Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer

A very detailed resource covering the specification very closely and in places providing better specific information than some of the text books have in the past... Plenty of case study style material throughout the 3 assignment booklets that appeal to learners of this age and are catered specifically to the requirements of the specification. Getting students to look at businesses like Facebook and Apple as entrepreneurial in origin will give the students a different viewpoint of popular well known brands... I really liked the use of a range of short specific tasks that build the students' knowledge base in the subject area. I also like the fact that the tasks were mapped to the criteria in the appendix/last pages... I like the bullet-point style information and tasks giving the students instructions to develop their researching skills as well as build on their business studies skills, enhancing their abilities as independent enquirers. The regular knowledge checks also keeps the students thinking about the information they have learned. Format and structure as a whole enhance the students learning through effective use of Q&A. It meets the specification very well and even goes so far as to map the tasks and work done to the specification to make sure nothing is missed or not covered... The use of case studies to highlight the activities in a real world context also suit the BTEC specification requirements and would provide valuable discussion points for in class." — M Tippins, Subject Leader of Vocational Business & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5187)

'The resource was very well planned and followed the specification well. All criteria for this Unit was thoroughly covered and revisited to ensure maximum understanding for the learner. I really liked the many activities within the resource. There were some great ideas and interesting activities which I know Level 2 learners will enjoy. The resource contains everything a learner needs to know in order to achieve well in this Unit and provides a great guide for the teacher so that no aspects are omitted from the classroom.' – C-M Siddique, Lecturer in Business and Accounting & Independent Reviewer

'I thought the resource was very good. I like the use of the case study examples to support the coursework tasks. Very often KS4 students struggle to relate to real life business examples due to their lack of life experience, but the case studies are accessible and easy for students to relate to. I like the pre-written assignment with all of the outcomes highlighted... The resource enhances learning as there is a series of text, followed by activities whereby students can demonstrate their learning from their reading. I feel this resource is excellent for homework to supplement class activities.' – J Whatford, Head of Business & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (5045)

'I thought that it was an excellent and very comprehensive resource and will be great for all students to support their studies. The workbook activities are linked to the assignment at the back of the booklet so students can understand the relevance of the individual activities... The assignment was well written with the assessed criteria clearly documented... I like the assignment and the way that it is written as it is applied to a vocational setting, e.g. advertising agency... I feel that this resource will enhance learning because it includes a number of pre-assignment activities that can be carried out/reviewed in class to build students up to the final unit assignment. It helps students to acquire and relate the theory to the various vocational business examples used within the activities and signposts them to conduct relevant research for their assignment.' – J Whatford, Head of Business Studies & Independent Reviewer