Year 6 to 7 Transition Book

Supports the DFES new compulsory transition literacy module.
Link this resource NOW with your feeder primaries & you'll be READY IN TIME!

Includes photocopiable A5 booklet Masters
  • Be with in with your 'Feeders'
  • OFSTED will give you flying colours
  • Your students will love the certificates
  • Your parents will be glad to have some structured work at home

    Links the modules to activities;
  • During summer holiday
  • Immediately after the module in Yr7
  • Activities for autumn half term
  • Structured awards with certificates

  • Written by practising teachers working with the Transition Research Project.
  • The main objective of these modules is to ensure that pupils can use a reading journal effectively to raise standards and refine personal responses to text and prepare for discussion.
  • Uses teaching objectives from primary & KS3 frameworks.
  • Optional extension activities in separate booklet linked to Platinum Award for the most advanced students.