Topical Articles for Gifted & Talented

Available for GCSE French, German and Spanish

15 interesting, up-to-date articles, many linked to target-language culture, e.g. video games, birthday parties and sports; famous people, festivals and monuments. A range of texts from 150 to 400 words long, including postcards, forum posts, interviews and reports.

A series of activities accompanies each text to ensure students get the most out of what they read: ‘find the vocab’ and comprehension questions, linked grammar exercises and writing tasks. Plus extension questions for either writing or speaking in the target language.

  • Great as ready-made cover or homework
  • Ideal for extension and independent learning
  • Answers included
One of the best resources I have seen in ages... It matches the topics well but students won't feel like they are doing exam practice S Jones, German Teacher & Independent Reviewer
I like the way in which it encourages students not only to understand the text to answer questions, but also as a way of expanding their own vocabulary by noting down new words and phrases which they have learnt. K Joel, French Teacher & Independent Reviewer