4 Practice Papers for GCSE OCR B: Judaism

Philosophy and/or Applied Ethics Practice Papers for OCR B

Full coverage of the unit content. Reproduces the exact style of the new OCR B exams from June 2013.

  • 4 papers on your chosen religion - condensed on a single sheet for ease of photocopying
  • Paper 1 also comes as a full 6-religion paper - ideal for mock exams
  • Detailed mark scheme for every question
  • Exam technique section with 'common questions' answered
OCR B Philosophy and Ethics practice papers are also available for:
Christianity | Sikhism | Buddism | Hinduism | Islam
An excellent, top-notch resource... that matches & interprets the specification & the requirements of the exam & AOs exactly... One of the better resources I have seen in a long time & of real practical use to teachers of all experiences... Provides a clear focus for improving exam technique... will allow students to peer and self assess more accurately, and practise model answers! A Chapman, Assistant Principal & Independent Reviewer (Ethics 1, Christianity)
Excellent. The examiner narrative was very helpful for high ability groups... It is aspirational and gives much better examiner's answers than the textbook we use... A valuable up to date resource that is OCR exactly and raises standards B-A*... excellent value. F Ferriter, Head of RS & Satisfied Customer (Ethics 1, Christianity)
This is more than just a practice paper... The marking grid allows pupils to grade their own personal responses as well as how to improve their marks... This is exactly the type of GCSE resource I look for. It is always difficult konwing exactly what the examiner is looking for... Having it all in one detailed resource saves a lot of precious time. N Malik, RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer (Ethics 1, Islam)
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"A very good, very comprehensive resource - designed to access to level marks for candidates... Covers the whole remit of the exam paper, questions, responses,and the additional notes were extremely useful. It's good that you can use this with a class, to learn to achieve a top level answer, and how to get there... All is very well explained - self explanatory! It's great at getting students to access top level answers. Great from a teaching point of view too - all there! Fantastic - couldn't be any better on this! " — D Brodowska, RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer