GCSE AQA Unit 2 Controlled Assessment: Assignment 3 Scheme of Work: Advertising

AQA GCSE Media Studies

Unit 2 Controlled Assessments Schemes of Work

Ensure your students achieve their best in the Controlled Assessment!

Highly organised schemes of work with engaging worksheets.

  • Specific to current AQA briefs
  • All handouts and worksheets included
  • All elements of analysis and planning tackled in logical order

For every lesson…
  • Learning objectives clearly identified
  • Class tasks & homeworks set out in detail
  • Ready-made worksheets introduce key terms, concepts & theories
Assignment 1: Introduction to the Media: Moving Image: Film Opening Sequences Assignment 2: Cross-Media Study: Print - Magazines (print advert & script) Assignment 3: Practical Production and Evaluation: Advertising and Marketing (print)
  • Focus on thrillers & The Usual Suspects
  • Inc. exemplar synopsis, script & storyboard for a thriller opening sequence – ideal complement to the 2012 Crime Drama topic
  • Templates guide your students – encouraging creativity in context of the brief
  • Enables a detailed study of the magazine form and online equivalents
  • Allows students choice of genre
  • Detailed and differentiated analysis writing guides
  • Options for TV or radio script development, including exemplar script
  • 10 lessons on advertising codes, conventions and key concepts
  • 10 lessons on planning and evaluation
  • Sample evaluations for student assessment