The Think Tank: Photocopiable Magazine for A Level Politics

The Half-Termly Magazine for A Level Politics

Always contemporary and relevant

D Shoesmith-Evans, Assistant Head & Customer

Up-to-date analysis of exam-relevant issues for A Level Politics. Brings out the relevance to their exams through discussion and exam-style questions. Provides topical issues for your lessons, or extra material for eager students.

  • Key discussion questions make every article instantly useful in class
  • Exam-style essay questions for essential exam practice
  • Written by experienced teachers & politics experts
  • Great for synopticity

It is aimed squarely at A-Level students and is written and presented in an accessible manner that doesn't sacrifice the necessary depth

G Marshall, HoD & Customer
Regular features you'll love every time:
  • Springboard for classroom discussion
  • Articles on all options

Gives up-to-date examples needed for the exam

R Myerscough, HoD & Customer
In accessible formats:
  • Whole-Site Photocopy Licence
  • E-copies available for your VLE or students' iPhones, iPads, etc.

Extremely useful... thorough... accessible... I prefer Think Tank because it has a larger range of articles and is not so bogged down in theory

S Wood, Teacher & Customer
Your subscription will start with the current issue of The Think Tank. Subscription includes six issues per year, one magazine copy of each issue.

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What do teachers say about this resource? (4348, 4451, 4452, 4747)

A very detailed student friendly resource which clearly outlines the key issues in such a way that engaged learners curiosity then to work independently and link the content directly to their exams... I use a mixture adding certain sections into class notes while using topics such as the springboards to stimulate class debate during a tutorial ... [What is your favourite feature and why?] All of it to be honest; different activities allow and cater for different learning styles ... It gets directly to the point for some topics that are difficult to understand along with breaking down the key info eg. "Top 10 cabinet resignations" really help for when the students are revising the cabinet ... It provides key, up to date and relevant topics that will allow for your teaching to be enhanced while giving students opportunities to engage to topics ... I am thinking of teaching political ideas next year, so the resources on Conservatism/Liberalism/Socialism are GREAT!

P Taggart, Head of Social Science & Subscriber

A very interesting resource that is extremely useful in summarizing key political events both in Britain and abroad... thorough... accessible... I prefer Think Tank [to a competitor] because it has a larger range of articles and is not so bogged down in theory.

S Wood, Teacher & Customer

Useful, interesting and a helpful addition to our general reading list. Particularly useful as an electronic copy to go on our intranet... Contrasts well with [competitor] and enables me to direct students to the most appropriate reading for them. Topical and up to date. We will continue to support this publication.

E Salt, Teacher & Customer

Activities are engaging... It gives them the up-to-date examples they need for the exam... This is a great way to stretch the more able and support weaker students who never read newspapers.

R Myerscough, HoD & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (4348, 4747)

Very useful for both A Level Politics & Global Politics... It is relevant and up to date... It provides examples which can be useful to insert into exam answers to illustrate theory... There isn’t really anything quite like it on the market. [The main competitor] is slightly less accessible for A Level students... it can save time looking for examples and can also provide a structure for an entire lesson or two.

A Earle, HoD & Customer

A well-written and succinct resource which deals with the key Political issues well and is in Pupil Speak - this would be useful to give to the pupils to aid their learning and revision... I didn't dislike anything about the resource - I was very impressed! It deals with the key issues of the day in a manner which both Teachers and students will understand and relate to. The educational value is very big as it includes up-to-date examples of Pressure Group Protests and events from Politics in the UK and the USA... There are examples for both the courses that we teach (UK Politics and US Politics) and its up to date examples can be used in essay questions and in lessons to aid learning... This should be the benchmark for how resources like this should be made and created - it is extremely impressive.

D Taborda, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Succinct resource with well chosen articles relevant to the political climate. They are well pitched to the students and teachers... I use the articles in lessons sometimes as a homework for consolidation of knowledge from the lessons... I particularly enjoy the articles themselves because they are well written and feature good questions to use with the pupils for exam practice... it is written specifically for use within education... It backs up an article with exam practice further improving pupil's skills... [Will you subscribe again next year?] Yes. No hesitation!

D Taborda, HoD & Customer

An excellent resource for the students. Topic coverage is very good with well-aimed articles, engagingly written, and shorter, lighter pieces too... It is aimed squarely at A-Level students and is written and presented in an accessible manner that doesn't sacrifice the necessary depth... It is contemporary and easily circulated. I am pleased at the decent coverage given to A2 ideologies alongside USA. Unlike some magazines, I think we are able to use all of this one... It does the updating that we often don't have time to do and it's good at prompting relevant discussions in class.

G Marshall, HoD & Customer

Excellent; high quality articles and features... I photocopy articles directly relevant to my AS/A2 students, then place the full magazine in the library... It is better than other resources because of the detail of articles and quality of exam 'tips' sections... Articles are relevant to your syllabus: (there will always be something in the magazine relevant to whatever you teach).

J Webb, Teacher & Customer

Up to date and well written this magazine again ensures that the articles chosen are very much relevant... I use it as homework tasks as well as starter tasks with pupils to recap and consolidate knowledge... I do like the articles followed by exam questions which ensures that each article tests the pupils' knowledge and understanding... the articles are well chosen and relevant to what the the pupils are learning about at any particular time - a remarkable achievement.

D Taborda, HoD & Customer

A useful update on key issues + help for students. I particularly like this resource because of the Topical articles... Keeps [students] up to date [and shows] different views. It is better than other resources because it is focused on AS/A2 Gov&Pol... Good value for money.

S Page, Subject Leader & Customer

Think Tank is a welcome addition to the politics resources offered... The Quote, The stat and the top ten are really good. Aspects like this are, for students, what make it feel less of a chore when reading... The best feature of the magazine is that, in the areas covered it gives a different and usually more up to date comment on key exam issues... I am very pleased ZigZag has developed this idea. I intend to both subscribe and become a regular contributor.

R Lawton, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I liked the contemporary issues to discuss with students. I like how the articles directly link to exam questions and help students see why reading and watching the news will help them.

H Connellan, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Interesting articles... I particularly like this resource because of the relevance of up to date material... The language is accessible for students and the images are interesting.

A Earle, HoD & Customer

A very useful resource with well pitched articles... focused for exam style questions... The format works well for 6th Form - right length and format... suits the format of Edexcel G+P AS/A2 and can provoke useful discussion among the students.

A Earle, HoD

Up-to-date... good analytical articles are most welcome as a teaching aid... Articles provide examples for students to use in essays and stimulus material for discussions... Helps to provide relevant background and depth to key topics.

C M Clough, HoD & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (4348, 4747, 4898)

Superb! Always contemporary and up to date with useful articles for our AS/A2 students... A good price for an excellent resource... very contemporary and relevant... always something new from each issue to use in class... I'll definitely subscribe next year. Keep it as it is!

D Shoesmith-Evans, Assistant Head & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (4348, 4452, 4747)

I photocopy it for each student and teacher, put a physical copy in the dept library and the PDF version in the students drive – pupils can read it at their leisure and teachers can set work on individual articles... The class always enjoys the ‘Guess Who’ quiz... A very useful, easily photocopied resource that is written at the correct level for students, that can be stored for and accessed by pupils both physically and electronically.

S Pugsley, HoD & Customer