Bridging the Gap - Grammar Podcasts for AS

Bridging the Gap

Grammar Podcasts

for AS German and Gifted and Talented students of GCSE German

A series of engaging grammar podcasts targeting the topics which students struggle with in overcoming the gap between GCSE and AS Level. Concepts are straightforwardly and interestingly explained, ensuring students have the confidence to improve and expand on their grammar at AS Level.

  • Full transcripts allow students to go over what they have heard, and worksheets allow key practice for every topic. Answers included.
  • Topics covered: Present Tense, Perfect Tense, Nouns, Plurals, Dative, Accusative, Word Order, Adjectival Endings, Genitive, Prepositions
  • Independent study so students can go at their own pace

What do teachers say about this resource? (4333)

The podcast brings a new dimension to the learning, and one the students find it easily accessible and are enthusiastic about it. N Wait, ZigZag Customer

This resource is unthreatening and pitched at the right level, especially for students to work through independently of their teachers. K Joel, HoD and Independent Reviewer

A very good resource to enable students to learn, consolidate or simply revise German Grammar. The fact that you can have a real person explaining the concepts over and over again is a real help. C Woodward, Teacher and Independent Reviewer