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Never Let Me Go

GCSE Study Guide

‘An impressive resource. Teachers and students would find it invaluable.'
E Hewitt, Teacher and Independent Reviewer


  • Detailed notes on every aspect of the novel to aid strong comprehension
  • Questions & tasks throughout to support learning & effective revision
  • Thorough examination guidance & practice

Importantly includes:
  1. Exam questions in the exact style of the WJEC Literature examination
  2. Foundation & Higher sample answers with examiner’s comments
  3. ‘Assessment Objectives in Pupil-Speak’ for weaker students

English Literature
WJEC Unit 2 Section B: Contemporary Drama and Literary Heritage Prose Exam: two questions on each text – a contemporary drama text and a prose text from the Literary Heritage.
English Language
AQA Unit 3a: Understanding spoken & written texts and writing creatively – Part A (extended reading) Controlled Assessment: one task from the task bank. Any text from any genre is suitable for this task.
OCR Unit A651: Extended Literary Text and Imaginative Writing – Section A: Extended Literary Text Controlled Assessment: one response to one text (prose, drama, poetry or literary non-fiction).
WJEC Unit 3: Literary reading & creative writing – studying written language: extended literary text Controlled Assessment: one assignment which is a sustained response to an extended text. The text must either be a Shakespeare play or one from the GCSE English Literature external assessment set text lists, excluding poetry.
Covers Everything
character analyses | section summaries, with analysis | historical & social context points | themes narrative style | critical reception exam & essay guidance | Foundation & Higher sample exam questions | sample exam answers