Illustrated ASP Web Based Database

A working ASP database with an accompanying guide for students to learn how the database was structured and set up, with an illustrated printed copy of the ASP code.

  • Good way to learn ASP - by example.
  • A working library database - the classic database example.
  • Students can study the succinct code with clear explanations.
  • Explanation of queries used and table structure.
  • Great for supporting A level project work.
  • Clear enough for your advanced students to set up an ASP database with no additional teaching.

The code is also supplied electronically (on disk) saving valuable time and ensuring accuracy for students who want to copy chunks of the code and adapt it for their own project. Price includes unlimited site licence for your school or college.

If you order the Digital version of the ASP resource, you will receive the accompanying guide in PDF format for easy distribution around your school/college and printing, rather than the photocopiable version. It includes a school/college site licence so you can load it on to your school/college network or Intranet (assuming your Intranet cannot be accessed externally).