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‘A fun way of revising key vocabulary.’
D Entwistle, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer


Interactive and paper-based

Revision Crosswords

Top Tip
Use as fun, alternative end-of-topic tests to check students' knowledge.

Topic-by-topic, interactive crosswords – perfect for your VLE or Interactive Whiteboard!
Also provided as a photocopy master — ideal for classroom use and for homeworks throughout the year. Solutions included.

  • Covers every topic on the AS and A2 topic lists
  • Variety of clue types – from synonyms and translations to definitions and descriptions

‘I like that the crosswords use topic based vocab relevant to the specification...
They are a good way to learn and retain vocabulary, a really useful add-on to any SoW.’

E Welburn, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer

‘It covers the material well and I liked the selection of the words chosen for the answers.
[These activities] will cement the words in the students’ memory and active vocabulary…
It will stretch the more able students as well as helping the average or less able…
A useful addition to the A Level French teacher’s arsenal of materials.’

D Pope, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer

‘Challenging and entertaining… Allows the students to see where there are gaps in their knowledge (assessment for learning).’
S Webster, French Teacher and Independent Reviewer