Citizen Scripts
Available separately for KS3 and KS4

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This is an excellent resource that would make life easier for teachers and Citizenship more rewarding and understandable for the pupils

B Procter, Citizenship Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The resource is a dozen short play scripts, to be read in groups. The scripts are a great way to introduce source material with a range of activities & discussions supporting each script. The resource covers issues listed in the Citizenship guidelines.

KS3 Script titles: Look after your own; School Council; Looking Good; Anyone Would Do; Messing Around; Nicked; Is it Worth it?; Stranger Danger; Looking Around; Giving it all Away; A Good Job?; The Whole Picture; It's all a Plot.

KS4 Script titles: Family Feud; Go Green; The Lads; Living in the Past?; What are they Looking for?; Deciding to Stand; The Demonstration; Nothing Violent; Public Interest; Out for Blood; A New Life?; Somebody that Cares; Taking Charge; "Did this Really Happen Miss?".

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What do teachers say about this resource? (403, 1978, 1979)

It is exciting and pupils are learning without realising that they are gaining skills.

F Victor, Teacher & Customer

This is an excellent resource that would make life easier for teachers and Citizenship more rewarding and understandable for the pupils... very useful in compiling a syllabus for Citizenship at this level. The plays leave room for discussion and allow different views to be formed. Pupils do like role play and having the discussions gives a chance to all to make their views known and debated... I particularly liked the breadth of subject matter and the direct way it was introduced through situations probably familiar to many young people... Learning is enhanced by discussion in these fictional situations that could lead to consideration of real life situations and even to open discussion about real events taking place in the group... It draws on everyday life with its problems that young people meet every day either concerning themselves or their peers and it gives them insight into the power of discussion of such problems and of bringing their concerns out into the open. I feel it would result in pupils not only having more understanding and thought about these matters but also they would feel freer to voice their concerns to their peers and/or to staff.

B Procter, Citizenship Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I thought this was an excellent resources — carefully put together, matches the specification well and is pitched at the correct level, making it accessible to all pupils. It will certainly encourage pupils to talk about the topics — it will open up discussions in an easy way. Pupils will be able to relate to the characters and therefore will be able to discuss the situations.

P Holden, KS3 PSHE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Excellent resource for stimulting discussions in class. Good scenarios presented that more able children will enjoy and interact/engage with readily. Useful questions to stimulate discussions. Good plot twists to engage learners... Children are involved with characters but separated from actual events, so they can give their opinions without risk of judgment from their peers.

B Timothy-Webber, PSHE Teacher & Peer Reviewer