Journey's End Activity Pack

Journey's End Activity Pack

"This is one of the best GCSE packs that I have ever seen."
This is one of our best ever publications and reviewers strongly agree…

A wealth of differentiated activities to teach this drama text, with worksheets for every aspect of the play. Contains worksheets for:
  • Getting into the text (research tasks)
  • Act One and Act Two, split into sections
  • 'Character Spotlight'
  • 'Theme Focus'
  • 'Writer's Technique'

The special 'exam technique' worksheets are structured so students can can build a range of skills, focusing them on being able to answer extract-based questions and questions on 'the novel as a whole' — fulfilling essential requirements for exams and controlled assessment.

"The resource encourages students to take a critical approach to the language and themes of the play. The tasks are skills-based but at the same time would foster a passion for the text and for the study of Literature. There is an excellent focus on both language and literature."

"Throughout the activities students are encouraged to look at the distinctive language given to each character, to how this fits in with the action of the play and to consider stagecraft. This integrative approach would provide an excellent 'reading' of the play and meets the requirements of controlled assessment or an examination question."

"This resource would fill both teachers and students with confidence. It was a pleasure to read and would be a huge asset to a teacher."
J Whitbread, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer


Usefully includes:
  • 'Get Creative' activities to encourage further research into WWI and develop writing skills for specific purposes, i.e. letters, newspaper articles, autobiograhies...
  • Wilfrid Owen poetry for comparison and discussion points
  • Assessment Objectives in 'pupil-speak'
  • Lists of 'extract-based' and 'whole-text' questions