Understanding A Level Maths using Autograph

Unlock the marvels of Autograph and help your students grasp those tricky Edexcel topics with this ‘pick-up-and-go’ pack.

Each structured Autograph task allows students to investigate and visualise concepts like the trapezium rule. They then apply this new understanding to solve a linked exam-style question.

Provides building blocks for understanding, is clear to use and easy for a student to use independently. J Langdon, Maths Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Bring algebraic methods alive by linking to the graphical – a must-have for any teacher looking to deepen understanding and boost achievement!

Easy to use!
  • 32 tasks with step-by-step instructions – straightforward and student-friendly – great for beginners!
  • Visually stimulating – students can digest complex information more easily!
  • Easy to embed into any SoW as class, homework or revision tasks
  • All the relevant C1 and C2 topics covered – differentiation, tangents and circle geometry and many more!
  • Original exam-style question for every task – perfect preparation for exams
  • Answers included for independent learning and self-marking
  • Tried and tested with great results at A Level – written by an experienced HoD!