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Beowulf SoW for lower ability

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Resource Pack for lower ability students

to capture students' imaginations & assess their language skills

Through engaging worksheets & activities, students gain a complete understanding of the plot and its characters. This 9-lesson scheme is based upon carefully selected, accesible extracts from a modern adaptation. Specifically designed to highlight achievement: 'a pupil who achieves is generally happier...' (M Mallows, Author)

Stimulating tasks focus students on:
1. Identifying language features in Beowulf
2. Using these to enhance their own writing

Plus: creative extension activities to consolidate the lesson's work.

taken from Beowulf by Kevin Crossley-Holland, illustrated by Charles Keeping (OUP Oxford: New Ed edition, 1999). ISBN-13: 978-0192723697

  • Flexible SoW, extracts, worksheets and extension tasks all included — everything in one pack
  • Cross-referenced to Reading and Writing Assessment Focuses
  • Includes a final assessment to test all 8 Writing Assessment Focuses

  • Powerful verbs
  • Adjectives
  • Kennings
  • Alliteration
  • Punctuation

"This is a good resource for pupils with learning difficulties. The author provides scaffolding for the more open questions, i.e. 'who', 'what', 'where' and 'why' — very helpful for SEN pupils."
P Guy, SENCO and Independent Reviewer


"In a short module, aimed at lower ability pupils, this covers several skills of reading and writing in an interesting way, making use of an exciting text."
D Coppard, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer


"I think it is excellent. I thought that it was engaging, interesting and clear. The resource contains meaningful and important questions and offers good opportunity for assessment for learning."
C Kelly, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer


"I think this resource is perfect for SEN students. It is easy to follow, and the simple illustrations are brilliant and really break the worksheets into smaller, more manageable chunks, which at the same time will hold the students interest. The way the AF's are linked to each piece of work really helps, as quite often with SEN teaching it is difficult to fit everything in to the mainstream curriculum, but as this is already done it ensures the students can be assessed in the same way as their peers."
G Brown, SENCO and Independent Reviewer