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Listening to Rhythm in Poetry Pack for Year 9

Listening to Rhythm in Poetry

Poetry Pack for Year 9

13 famous pre-20th and 20th century poems brought to life – professional recordings accompanied by teachers’ notes and engaging worksheets. All answers included.


Independent Reviews

''Guides students through an appreciation of the poem in a very structured way. The tasks are achieveable and challenging at the same time. I particularly like the range of activities...'
A Baiden, English Teacher

‘I loved the range & choice of poetry included here... offers good grounding for Key Stage Four.’
L Kontos, English Teacher

Very thorough and extensively prepared.'
M Evans, English Teacher

'Challenges students to think... Helps students get to grips with different approaches to poetry.'
P Ault, English Teacher

'I like the style and the approach of the author. The link with language work and general culture is useful and appropriate, allowing pupils to easily link the literary world with reality...
C Walles, English Teacher

'‘Would I purchase this resource? Definitely.
It's the kind of resource I'd use through the year to get students used to annotating and analysing poems.'

A Baiden, English Teacher



A structured lesson for every poem including:

  • Lesson plan with starters and plenaries, cross-referenced to AFs and NC – great for Ofsted!
  • Audio recording by professional voice artist – written poem also included
  • Initial worksheet to stimulate thought
  • Key learning based on teaching notes which outline the essential aspects of the poems
  • Follow-up worksheet to consolidate learning
  • Written and creative follow-up activities – perfect for homework


Makes poetry accessible!
‘The exercises encourage pupils to relate the devices used in poetry writing to the usage of language in everyday contexts. This could be a motivational factor for the pupils. The topics of the poems also reflect scenes and detail with which most pupils could empathise.''
C Walles, English Teacher








Please note: this pack deals with 13 poems, of which 11 are provided in audio format on the accompanying CD Rom. Two of the poems are omitted due to copyright issues, although links to online versions of these two poems have been provided within the pack.