Science Colour-Coding Worksheets for SEN

Science colour-coding worksheets for SEN

128 A4 worksheets which follow the KS3 Science Curriculum exactly.

Step-by-step student guide:

  • Accessible Science for all levels of SEN
  • Use in mainstream lessons for differentiation, starters or revision
  • Completed worksheets make great posters!

Science teachers and SEN specialists alike are loving this resource. Pupils colour and colour-code the diagrams, then add examples and descriptions, as directed. In many cases they also have to draw the correct connecting labelling lines. They can then add as many or as few additional notes as they are able.

  • Benefits for visual learners: Clear representations of key concepts
  • Benefits for kinaesthetic learners: Pupils trace the letters as they colour the words
  • Benefits for literacy: Colouring the words draws attention to the spelling and practises handwriting

What do teachers say about this resource? (3829, 3832)

Very good. It has a comprehensive covering of all the aspects of the KS3 curriculum. It means that pupils with SEN have just have to focus on the learning of the science not on trying to copy down complicated diagrams, which they will more than often copy wrong!

L Hesbrook, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

A super resource for the intended audience. These sheets would be useful for the pupil with the needs described and as possible flash cards for revision of key words by other pupils.

Each page is very clear with simple diagrams which are easy to understand and, at times, humorous.

P Saunders, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Excellent. The worksheets are clear and well structured.

R Smith, SEN Representative and Peer Reviewer

A nice resource that can be used either as a starter or as a support sheet for the lesson completed... It alows visual learners to acces informtion in a manner that suits them. It suppors low ability learners in the explination of core issues in science. It provides an alternative method of delivery of concepts.

C Williams, HoD and Peer Reviewer

It helps the pupil access the work in understanding some key concepts and they feel that they have accomplished something rather than being disengaged.

E Rahim, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A very good resource and perfect for our SEN students.

G Brown, SENCO and Peer Reviewer