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The Crucible Study Guide

The Crucible Study Guide

For each exam board the mode of assessment is considered and specific material for this is included.

With original character and scene illustrations

Intelligent notes encourage understanding of the whole play, with discussion points and tasks throughout to support learning and effective revision.

  • Detailed context section with 'Salem witch trials' comparison worksheet
  • Useful quotations anaysed for each Act
  • In-depth analyses for key scenes
  • Notes on symbolism, language, structure and themes

Importantly includes assessment material specific to each examination board:

  • AQA Foundation and Higher sample questions
  • AQA guided sample answer plans
  • Edexcel sample controlled assessment tasks

Covers Everything
  • plot overview
  • character summaries and analyses
  • useful quotations and section summaries, all with analysis
  • historical and social contexts
  • themes
  • language
  • setting
  • imagery
  • symbolism

This guide adheres to the requirements of the new specifications for GCSE Literature. The summary grid below indicates which units allow for the study of this text and the methods of assessment.

  English Literature English Language
AQA Unit 1: Exploring Modern Texts Unit 3a: Understanding spoken & written texts and writing creatively Part A (extended reading)
One of nine texts prescribed for an exam. Optional text for controlled assessment.
Edexcel Unit 3: Shakespeare and Contemporary Drama  
Optional text for controlled assessment.
OCR   Unit 1: extended literary text and imaginative writing
Optional text for controlled assessment.*

*For OCR Language, centres can either choose from the prescribed texts or they can choose their own text.