How to get an A* for Edexcel GCSE Drama

How to get an A*

For Edexcel GCSE Drama

"Very informative… engaging… motivational… There are excellent examples of how the explorative strategies, elements of drama & drama medium can be used to develop and deliver outstanding drama."
M Kocziban, Head of Drama and Independent Reviewer

  • Follows the specification order
  • Covers the complete Edexcel PoS!

"Very articulate and easy to read. I liked the approach the author takes. The author is very good at thinking "outside the box", and has clearly a track record in encouraging pupils to do so also; lots of examples back this up."
K Meredith-Jones, Edexcel Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer


A unique & original student guide to inspire 'outstanding' drama!

A 100-page guide, packed with examples & exercises, which "provides a comprehensive overview of the Edexcel criteria & clearly explains how to get an A*" M Kocziban, Head of Drama and Independent Reviewer

Unit by unit, this resource takes students through Edexcel's requirements & shows them how to:

  1. identify their strengths & weaknesses
  2. enhance their own practical work in class
  3. achieve the best grade

  • Exemplar samples of Documentary and Live Performance Responses
  • 'Picture Posers' – stimuli for students to discover drama in images
  • With suggestions and exercises to improve confidence
  • Mini-quizzes throughout test knowledge on each section
  • Includes drama terminology & the history of the theatre