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Gothic Horror Short Stories Resource Pack & SoW (for Year 9 Gifted & Talented)

Gothic Horror Short Stories – Yr9 G&T Resource Pack & SoW

"Facilitates the transition from KS3 type study of a text to a more in-depth, sustained analysis required at KS4"
K Thomas, Author


Prepare your more able KS3 pupils for A* thinking!

Pupils study 4 Gothic Horror stories all carefully selected for their interest. These short, accessible texts invite analysis of complex aspects such as narrative structure and language.

  • 10 lesson SoW culminates with students writing a critical essay.
  • 20 progressive worksheets develop skills and allow a comparison between texts and modern and pre-20th century language.

'I appreciate the connections to the AFs and Literacy Framework: it's a scheme that would look good in the department handbook, as all the government boxes are neatly ticked! The peer assessment in particular is a really straightforward and helpful method of engaging the students with the success criteria.'
A Powell, KS3 Teacher and GCSE Examiner, and Independent Reviewer

'The resource had interesting, unique ideas... It would be very effective with a high ability Key Stage Three group as stated… I particularly liked the idea of the modern and the traditional short story compared and contrasted. This will move pupils into understanding a critical essay layout, etc. – crucial for GCSE.'
A Langridge, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer


All 7 Reading Assessment Focuses completely covered!

  • All 4 short stories included!
  • 10 lesson plans including Starters, Plenaries and purposeful Homeworks
  • 20 varied worksheets with answer provided
  • Peer Assessment tasks – help pupils meet speaking and listening criteria
  • Fully referenced to the Assessment Focuses and Literacy Framework

Positively endorsed by Marcus Sedgwick and Celia Rees

ALL 4 short stories included with the resource:

  • 'The Heart of Another' by Marcus Sedgwick
  • 'The Tell-Tale Heart' by Edgar Allen Poe
  • 'Writing on the Wall' by Celia Rees
  • 'The Ghost in the Bride's Chamber' by Charles Dickens