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Geography ICT Worksheets for Year 7

'Active learning to meet curriculum requirements'
M Finlay, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer

Year 7 Geography Worksheets

'Well presented and informative… Good variety of information… Links in with new emphasis on independent learning and Learning to Learn.'
E Churchill, Head of Geography and Independent Reviewer


'A good resource… I do like the evaluation sheets [which] could be used for lots of different activities… Covers many KS3 topics with key words and case studies… and fulfils many ICT criteria as well.'
L Keeley, Head of Geography and Independent Reviewer


Meet your Geography curriculum requirements for ICT in a constructive and interesting way! These activities treat ICT as a tool, using ICT to do Geography – always keeping the focus on the Geography.

47 flexible, stand-alone activity worksheets for ICT-based Geography lessons.

  • Aimed at lower ability students in Year 7
  • Tried and tested in an ICT specialist school

Helps students understand how Geography impacts on their lives. Develops specific skills including mapwork, using images and graphs, and making presentations. Gets students working with case studies, such as flooding in Bangladesh, the Beijing 2008 Olympics and London 2012 Olympics.

  • AfL evaluation sheets included
  • Each worksheet addresses different aspects of Functional Skills
  • Cross-referenced to the 2008 National Curriculum

Follows the topic order of geog1 textbook (OUP, ISBN 978-0199134499)
Topics: Connections, Settlement, Retail, Rivers, Floods, Sport, Earthquakes, Volcanoes