A View from the Bridge Activity Pack

A View from the Bridge Activity Pack

'I love this resource! It feels lively and exciting — I almost want to do the tasks myself!'

A Powell, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

The beauty of this resource is that the wealth of engaging activities, including two activities for every main event, allows the teacher find stimulating work at any time!

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Includes a fun multiple choice quiz to test knowledge

Special 'Extract Analysis' worksheets:
1. Challenge students to explore the language, audience reactions and writer's viewpoints of the play
2. Prepare students for extract-style exam questions.

Plus: 'A Play for the Stage' and 'Dramatic Devices' worksheets ensure students explore the text first and foremost as a work of drama and all activities are cross-referenced to the Assessment Objectives.

"The exam preparation section is excellent and offers clear guidance for students on writing essays that will allow them to succeed. It's great! I'm actually really looking forward to teaching the play with my class now!"
A Powell, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

More worksheets:
  • Greek tragedy
  • Political allegory
  • Justice
  • Manliness

  English Literature English Language
AQA   Unit 3a: Understanding spoken & written texts and writing creatively Part A (extended reading)
Optional text for controlled assessment.
Edexcel Unit 3: Shakespeare and Contemporary Drama  
Optional text for controlled assessment.
OCR Unit 2: Modern Drama Unit 1: extended literary text and imaginative writing
One of six texts prescribed for an exam. Optional text for controlled assessment.*
WJEC Unit 2: Section B — Contemporary Drama and Literary Heritage Prose Unit 3: Literary reading & creative writing — studying written language (extended literary text)
Optional text for controlled assessment. Optional text for controlled assessment.

*For OCR Language, centres can either choose from the prescribed texts or they can choose their own text.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3453)
"Excellent. It helped us to write a scheme of work for the play and to extend those who needed it easily. It made our lives easier and the students' understanding better." A Pattinson, Deputy Head of English and Satisfied Customer
'Excellent! A complete resource that covers all aspects of the play in depth... I particularly like the way it is broken down into small, manageable sections.' J Lopes, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
<i>'Oustanding &mdash; an impressive, detailed thorough unit I would be more than happy to use. It represents countless hours of reading and preparation which any teacher would appreciate... It sets tasks which would generate interest and enthusiasm and does so in a way which seems very simple and straightforward, but is in fact deceptively challenging and thorough. Students would enjoy working through the many varied, interesting and challenging tasks. Students would not have any problem following this unit on their own. If students followed the unit closely they would have a knowledge and understanding which would enable them to write well about the play in the final exam. There is even a section on critical essays which students could use for any critical essay.'</i> <b>P Moore, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer</b>