For Key Stage 3 Science

Captivate you students with a variety of fascinating and fun starter and plenary activities - all answers provided.

  • 20+ Activities for each topic
  • Differentiated at 3 levels (Support, Core and Extension)

All resources were differentiated which is very useful as this is one area which can be difficult to address

G Braz, Teacher and Peer Reviewer
  • Activities for individuals, groups and the whole class
  • Each resource includes a CD with interactive activities - great for interactive whiteboard or VLE

Will save many a teacher a vast amount of time

D Baggley, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
  • Cells
  • Reproduction
  • Environment and Feeding Relationships
  • Variation and Classification
  • Acids and Alkalis
  • Simple Chemical Reactions
  • Solids, Liquids and Gases
  • Solutions
  • Energy Resources
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Forces and their Effects
  • The Solar System and Beyond

For the 2008 NC Specification

What do teachers say about this resource? (3349)

Lots of reinforcement of key words and interactive style approaches to encourage students to get involved. A variety of styles maintains student attention.

G Wilson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Would really captivate the student’s interest.

It would be extremely easy to write these resources into schemes of work.

This resource will be excellent for encouraging student interest, and will engage all range of students due to the well differentiated resources.

J Hutson, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

I think this is an excellent and extensive resource which will save many a teacher a vast amount of time.

D Baggley, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Good. The starters and plenaries were short and punchy with a variety of different activities of ideal length to keep KS3 students interested and on-task.

M Bailey, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

A very useful resource and excellent for the busy teacher.

Differentiated for Core, Support and extension which is makes the resources even more appealing!

With a range of activities, appealing to all learning styles, it would be easy to incorporate into a scheme of work. It would certainly engage learners and addresses literacy issues as well as content.

B Timothy-Webber, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Well produced. Well differentiated. Very comprehensive.

I liked the large range of starters and plenaries available.

J Bashford, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

This resource will engage students... It is user friendly and will not hinder students who are lower ability. I particularly liked the use of key words and the different types of differentiated material.

P Rahman, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Very good. I liked the variation of activities and the opportunity to make them differentiated.

E Rahim, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

The three levels of differentiation (support, core and extension) will be especially valuable to teachers with mixed ability classes

A Cassell, Tutor and Peer Reviewer

All resources were differentiated which is very useful as this is one area which can be difficult to address.

G Braz, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

The worksheets looks at the science in depth , the pupils could learn about science the fun way, as there are a lot of worksheets that use games to get the science across.

N Noreen, Teacher and Peer Reviewer